Diabetes Resources


The Diabetes Advocacy Alliance™ (DAA) is a coalition of 21 members, representing patient, professional and trade associations, other nonprofit organizations, and corporations, all united in the desire to change the way diabetes is viewed and treated in America. The DAA was formed and began activities in January 2010. Three members of the DAA serve as co-chairs: American Diabetes Association; Pediatric Endocrine Society; and Novo Nordisk Inc.

The members of the DAA work to inform and educate legislators and other policymakers about:

  • The enormous challenges that diabetes and prediabetes pose to US health and prosperity.
  • How legislation and public policy can help change the course of significant growth in the population of people with type 2 diabetes and complications associated with the disease expected in the coming decades.

The vision of the DAA is: To influence change in the US health care system to improve diabetes prevention, detection and care and to speed the development of pathways to cures for diabetes.

The mission of the DAA is: To unite and align key diabetes stakeholders and the larger diabetes community around key diabetes-related policy and legislative efforts in order to elevate diabetes on the national agenda.

For more information, click here to view the DAA video, click here for the DAA Fact Sheet, or here to view the DAA Charter.

You can also contact Amy Wotring at: amy@diabetesadvocacyalliance.com.