ACT for Diabetes

Why is Novo Nordisk Asking You to ACT for Diabetes?

Diabetes affects the lives of nearly 30 million children and adults in the United States, and another 86 million US citizens are living with prediabetes. If the current trends continue, one in three children will face a future with diabetes, and one out of two African Americans or Hispanic Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime. By working with Congress, we can help stop the diabetes epidemic in America.  ACT for Diabetes is brought to you by Novo Nordisk, a leader in diabetes care, and a health care company focused on changing the way diabetes is viewed and treated in America and around the globe. Novo Nordisk believes that advocacy is essential to achieving policy change and that we need legislation and policies that will help give diabetes the attention it deserves to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes and prediabetes.

Novo Nordisk created ACT for Diabetes as an easy-to-use advocacy tool for three groups:

  • People with diabetes 
  • People at risk for diabetes
  • Family members, friends, and loved ones of people affected by diabetes

The issues that Novo Nordisk supports through ACT for Diabetes are also widely shared and supported by the diabetes patient and professional community. All of these issues are priorities for finding a cure, and improving diabetes prevention, treatment, and control. One of the most important ways to help achieve these priorities is regular and ongoing communication with our elected officials and other policymakers in Washington, DC. We must continually:

  • Let them know why we care about the cause of diabetes;
  • Inform them about the health and economic burdens of diabetes; and
  • Share with them our ideas for how they can best tackle the many challenges posed by diabetes, both today and in the future.

If we all ACT for people with diabetes and those at risk, we can begin to bring about significant change in the diabetes epidemic in America.